DS (AKA Driving Simulator)

This is "THE Game Mk II"! concocted with my 'partner in crime' Xianhang "Hang" Zhang. There's ~20k lines of code after I coded for about 2 weeks straight.

The aim was to write quite a general engine but head toward the theme of a Driving Simulator. Under the bonnet sits TEH ('TEH Extremely Hardcore') Engine. If you would like to learn more about the nitty-gritty at this stage, please watch the video of the demo.

The clickable screenshots above show (from left to right): a level consisting of a simple terrain, the car and spheres demonstrating collision handling of the physics engine (which, by the way, works properly now - that beautiful hack has been removed so now you can sit at an angle on the terrain and, if you really want to, crash into spheres and flip yourself), rendering detail of the jeep with directional and velocity vectors visible, the pretty console featuring auto-completion via DynamicConfig (see next paragraph) reporting that the MeshRenderer is using some OpenGL extensions to increase framerate and two-player split-screen mode.

You may have noticed three other features in the screenshots: in the top right-hand corner is situated the timer window (displaying real-time, time-stretch, virtual-time, frame-rate, and timer latency), across the bottom of the window scrollls the profiler graph (the various colours representing the proportion of time spent rendering the UI, the 3D world, calc'ing physics...), and finally in the bottom left-hand corner is the debug window controlled with the 'show' command (this stringifies an object using a dynamic data-binding system I wrote called DynamicConfig).

No doubt there's still a lot of work to be done, so we'll be hacking away at it over time... Next on the agenda is writing the AnimationController that effectively plays back an animation from 3ds max.